17 September 2018

PATH Plans to close October

Users can still download the data before the Path closes.

Path social media platform announced plans to close this year. The time will be at


Path users get a farewell message when entering or logging in to their account, in the form

Service announcement will be closed on October 18, 2018. "We reluctantly announce

 The path will not continue and user policy will be terminated on October 18, 2018. Please

visit our site for more details, "Path said.

"So far we have tried to explain our mission: through our technology and design

"It aims to be a source of happiness, meaning and connect to all users," Path said on the site


Path gives notice of their closure plan starting September 17, 2018.

 Since October 1, 2018 users will no longer be able to update applications either through iTunes and

Google Play.

On October 18, the Path service will be stopped. As of November 15, customer service

relating to the Path will be closed.

Path allows users to download their data through the backup feature in the path.

 How, visit the path.com site and select Settings.

 SOURCE: http://www.newscat.com/page/news?aid=127109&t=1537233644&code=5ba052ece6efc