28 September 2018

Creating a Database in Ms Access

Creating a Database at Ms. Access,Before creating a database in Ms Access we need to know first what the database is, both Golet Sciencesexplain what is a Database"A database is a collection of data or information obtained and then stored in a media generally is a computer."Its function:
1. Grouping data with the aim to facilitate identification of data.
2. Avoid double data stored.
3. Make it easy to input new data, update, delete and save data with supported by certain applications.
4. As an alternative storage because sometimes computer applications don't fit for storageafter knowing about what is a database and its function, just go to the tutorial to create a database1.
 Enter the Ms.Acces page later click Blank Database on the top left then fill in the File name as you want to the right then Create you can see the picture below