16 September 2018

Examples of tech interviews with resource persons

Interview with resource person

Interviewer (P)

Joko Martono

Resource Person (N)

Wie King Kwe

Interview Date

February 15, 2018

Location of Interview

Grand Farma Pharmacy

Q: good morning, introduce my name is Joko Martono.

                         I came here in order to complete the lecture final project. I will interview you about the sales of Grand Farma Pharmacy that I use as the research material needed. Are you willing ?

N: Morning, well I'm happy to help.

Q: What kind of sales system is currently running at Grand Farma Pharmacy?

N: The current sales system in the transaction is still conventional where the drug sales service is still with a memorandum of note and a manual calculator calculation.

Q: Does the current sales system provide results

                       Which are expected ?

N: Of course it's still far to be expected because sometimes it's long inside

                        Make transactions and make the required reports

                        wrong in recording transactions or reports.

P: Well, that means the sales system that is currently running needs to be on

                        do further development in providing

                        better media sales system.

N: Yes right, the goal is to make it easier for us to do

                       Sales transactions to be more time efficient precisely and accurately within

                       Sales of drugs that are running.

Q: So far I can conclude that there are problems

                       As follows :

1. The system that runs at the Grand Farma Pharmacy is still conventional, not yet integrated into the computer, which takes a lot of time.

2. Sometimes there is an error in the transaction because it is still manual.

N: Yes, that's right. I think this is very influential on

                        Sales where to increase sales and reduce

                        Transaction errors require a system that is fast, precise,

                        and accurate.

P: Good sir, thank you for being willing to be interviewed about

                         Drug sales at Grand Farma Pharmacy.

Based on the question I asked, I had obtained the information I needed.