05 September 2018


First, what must be prepared by prospective partners include:

     ID card
    vehicle registration
    Active Email Address

 the next step
How to Register Online Grab via the Website:

    Visit https://www.grab.com/id/driver/bike/ from your android computer, laptop or smart phone.
    There will be a registration form that needs to be filled in from the name, address, telephone number, to the last referral code, as shown below.
    How to Register Grab Online
        Specifically the referral code column can be left blank.
        Don't forget to check the captcha box that says "I'm not a robot".
        Click the Register button
        Follow the next instructions with correct and valid data.
    If step by step lists of these grabs you do correctly, then you will soon become a partner of Grab
    For the duration of the Grab registration process from the website to active, we cannot confirm how long. Unlike Uber who when registering online will be active on the same day. But a few tips from us, every online registration that requires uploading documents in the form, you should use the camera with the best resolution. Do not let photos of the required documents have poor quality, let alone break or run away.
    For requirements that have an active period, make sure everything is read. Like for example the validity period of SIM, STNK, or SKCK, it is mandatory for you to take pictures clearly.
    That is information from us for those of you who are still confused about how to register Grab Car via this online. Oiya, on the form, apparently there are also options for Grab Bike and Grab Express.