11 September 2018


FORMED again in my blog, Golet Ilmu, the tutorial time I will share how to check the IP address of the computer that you have directly

    Through the Control panel

Click Start> Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center after that select the connection profile that you are using (active). Right-click on the connection profile, the Status option. A window will appear containing the configuration of your computer's IP, including IP address. You can click Details to get more complete information such as the subnet mask, default gateway, or DNS.

     Through Command Prompt

To check your computer's IP address using the first command prompt, you must first open the promt command first. How, click Start> click Run in the search field (search) or you can also press the Win + R shortcut on the keyboard. After the Run window appears, type cmd in the available column to display the Command Prompt window.

At the command prompt window, type ipconfig after that, press enter. Within seconds, the command prompt will display your IP Configuration computer. in addition to displaying the IP address, some information such as the default gateway and others will also be displayed.

    Through the Website

To check the IP address through the website, your computer must be connected to an internet connection. There are several websites that you can open to get information about the IP address of your Laptop or PC, including: http://whatismyipaddress.com. Once you open this site using a browser on your computer, the main page of this site will directly present the IP address of your laptop / PC and various other information such as ISP, service, city, et al.

Another site that provides services to check the IP address of your computer is http://ipaddress.com. Select the My IP menu tab that you can find at the top of the site page. After that the site page will display the current IP address of your laptop / PC, ISP, Netspeed, Proxy, OPerasi System, city and country, to time zone.

That is the 3 ways to check Ip Address, which can be easily shared, and thanks.